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Technical Information
ENDRES-Tools are
  • non-sparking
  • extremly corrosion-resistant against many media (e.g. sea water )
  • antimagnetic
  • They are produced out of a non-iron-alloy (special bronze, copper-beryllium), which are highly wear-resistant. Both alloys are checked through the Federal Office for material research and examination/Berlin.

ENDRES-Tools are used world-wide inter alia in the following fields:

  • Oil- and gas-producing
  • Petrochemistry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pipeline works
  • Bundeswehr, Defence Forces
  • Civil defence and disaster prevention
  • Gasworks and power stations
  • Tank refiner
  • Lacquerworks
    and in all other situations, in which sparks can be a potential danger of fire and explosion.


grau.gif (807 Byte) Quality control
Additionally there is a check to DIN 50049.2.2 after every line.
We check: Mechanical properties
platzhalter-w.gif (799 Byte)- Yield point
platzhalter-w.gif (799 Byte)- Tensile strength
platzhalter-w.gif (799 Byte)- Stretching
platzhalter-w.gif (799 Byte)- Grade of hardness
platzhalter-w.gif (799 Byte)Chemical composition
Through this quality control is ensured, that our non-sparking-tools fulfil the highest quality demands every time.

Additional material controls
Upon request we can make an additional specific check of each tool for an additional charge.

  • Making out an X-ray for finding blow-holes
  • Checking for surface cracks
Analysis of non-sparking material:

Material Aluminium-multisubstance-bronze
(special bro. SB)
Copper-beryllium 2
min. in %
max. in %
Cu Al Ni Fe Mn
Rest 9 2 1 -
Rest 12 5 3 1.5
Be Ni Co Cu
1.8 0.1 0.1 Rest
2.0 0.6 0.6 Rest
Mechanical properties    
Strength N/mm²
Yield point N/mm²
Hardness Brinell

750 - 850
450 - 550
200 / 250

1140 - 1310
840 - 860
310 / 360
Physical properties    
Specific weight
Magnetic properties
Heat-extension 20-200 °C
Electrical conductivity
0.000015 %
8 / 12
0.000012 %
8 /6


Production and quality supervision:

Nearly all our non-sparking-tools are casted from molds out of wood or synthetic material.
The molds are produced to precize specifications according to the DIN (German Industrial Standard) by experienced and highly qualified mold manufacturers.

After the first casting, there is an extensive examination. The composition and the heating of the material, the sand molds and the pipe have to come to an optimal casting. We record this data so that we are able to reach the ideal standard with the same conditions at every future casting.  Through this quality assurance program we can maintain a high quality standard.

grau.gif (807 Byte) Instructions for use:

Non-sparking tools have to be softer than convential tools. For this reason the use of non-sparking tools has to be carry out with special care. Overstraining has to be avoid. The use of non-sparking tools must not be the only preventive measure in areas of fire and explosion risks. For an extensive protection of staff and equipment, please follow the instructions of your professional association.

Follow-up treatment:

If you want to make a follow-up treatment on the tools (e.g. resharpen) by yourself, we would be pleased to send you our technical instructions.


Endres-Tools contain a guarantee against mistakes in material and producing. However, this guarantee does not include damages caused by an improper handling. We reserve the right to any changes in material, workmanship and design without notice.

Sicherheitswerkzeuge Übersicht platzhalter-w.gif (799 Byte)

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